123Movies is the most popular streaming site ever created. Its popularity started to increase a short time after the first website was released because it offered very high quality content without advertisement and people loved it. The original  123 Movies  was closed in 2018 by the Vietnamese Government and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) but even with this big defeat the free streaming websites continue to operate via another web domains. 123Movies - The Best Streaming Site 123Movies meets all the criteria to be the best streaming site in the world. It is offering HD movies and tv series, a lot of them, we are talking about approximately 60.000 episodes from 2.000 tv shows and more than 10.000 movies. It is worth mentioning that all the content dubbed in a foreign language (another than English) has been updated with English subtitles so everyone can understand it. We are talking especially about popular tv series like La Casa de Papel, Elite, Dark which are dubbed in another languages and needed English subtitles. We knew this represented a major problem and we've worked hard to fix it so you can enjoy your favorite productions published on 123 Movies.