Bala Loca

A veteran journalist starting a news site about corruption in Chile stumbles on a big story when a fellow investigative reporter dies suspiciously.

Genre: Crime , Drama

Actor: Mario Horton

Country: Chile

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - Bala Loca
"Shortly after seasoned journalist Mauro asks colleague Patricia to join him in starting an online news outlet, she falls victim to a violent crime."
"Andr\u00e9s uses Aldunate's phone as a listening device. Mauro realizes his son is hiding a secret. Alejandra finds a shocking link to the murder weapon."
"The release of a prisoner dredges up a personal tragedy from Mauro's past. Andr\u00e9s unwisely allows Victor to tag along for an interview with Vilches."
"While investigating the driver of a car caught on camera at the time and place of the firebombing, Antonia and Andr\u00e9s are lured into a deadly trap."
"When Sen. Torres Becker gives evidence against Vilches, Detective Iturra's team goes to the shooting range to arrest him. But all is not as it seems."
"Frustrated by Gabriela's strict editorial standards, an EnGuardia journalist jumps ship. Mauro's vices lead to a personal and professional downfall."
"Unaware she's being monitored, Alejandra discovers Patricia was investigating a military matter. Mauro and his son visit his estranged father."
"After making inquiries at the Los Lilenes barracks, Gabriela suffers a horrific retaliation. Mauro is asked to conceal the truth for a greater good."
"Mauro uses Col. Far\u00edas's eavesdropping against him. Alejandra follows a convoy from Los Lilenes and captures indisputable photographic evidence."
"Detective Iturra tries to stop Col. Far\u00edas's raid on EnGuardia's office. Mauro hears a familiar expression that leads him to a sinking realization."